Jun 11, 2014

My two boys

These two have such a special bond. DC knows his Papa is his biggest fan, and main squeeze. Dare I say they are home dawgs? Yeah, I said it.

Regardless of how I word it, the tightness they share is pretty much incomprehensible. Sure, DC is a momma's boy, but he will never love me the way he does his Pops. He knows that the Mister will play catch with him a lot longer than momma. He knows that Papa will throw him in the air for more than momma's arms can stand. He knows that when he is crawling or walking with his walker-ade, he can look back and there the Mister is cheering him on.

They share the same big blue eyes, the same love for sports, and an even more recent love for granola. Lots and lots of granola. Their breakfast sessions are full of twinning food mustaches, and giggles. I swear the way DC looks at his father, that DC was watching his Pops from heaven before he was even in my tum, thinking "man this guy is gonna be great!" 

Love these two, and can't imagine what life would be like with one more of these boys in our life.

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