Jun 10, 2014

Happiness is a choice

I'm going to get real deep here, and make a very bold statement. Happiness is a choice. 

I am an addict of sharing cliche sayings mid-post, so we are going to start with one this time, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." This saying never really made sense to me before I started thinking about "choosing to be happy everyday." I realized, after a conversation with some friends, that each morning we are given the choice to be happy. It really is that simple.

Regardless of what we are going through in our lives, no matter how hard, or how easy we can choose to be happy. Waking up in the morning mid-trial, or after "the hardest thing we have ever gone though," and choosing to be happy, instead of listing the things we lack, or want isn't easy, but with a little bit of effort on our part, it is possible.

Moving to Michigan, there are so many things I want for our home, but it forced me to question, what happens when I have filled it with all the things I thought I wanted? There will always be something more, something else we "need." This idea kinda relates to this post I wrote about comparing ourselves, but ultimately when we lack happiness we attempt to fill our lives with stuff or lists. 

I find that when I am not "totally fulfilled" in whatever area of my life I feel the need to fill it. Stuff for the house. Stuff to do around the house. Stuff to do for the house. Stuff to do for work. Stuff to do with my family. Just tons and tons of crap! 

I caught myself trying to fill a void in my life with things that the world says will make us happy, and sometimes I feel like I have almost been conditioned to think that money does bring happiness, although I know better.

If you feel like you are wandering though this ocean of life lost, hurting, mad, angry, any feeling that seems to overwhelm you far beyond your grasp, do not feel lost. Certainly, do not give up hope. We all have our trials. We all fall victim to the ideals society has instilled within us. Money does not buy happiness, and we are in charge of how we feel. 

Force yourself to take stock of your life. Sit down and figure out the things that make you feel the most joy. Joy is the most peaceful, quiet, inner peace that causes our outlook and attitude with the world, our life, and our day to be at its very best. Find your joy and choose to be happy everyday, starting with the second you wake up. Let's change our way of thinking, and allow our way of feeling to be the very best we can.


  1. Such great perspective. Being a newlywed (for a few more days!) I always find myself thinking about all the things I want. I forget what I have. Thanks for this post. Seriously helps when you see others that feel the same as you do! I just found your blog yesterday and am in love!! I want to read every post! Maybe I can satisfy my baby hunger with your handsome little hunk!! Thanks for being an inspiration!!


  2. k I know I already commented on IG but I just love those shoes! and yes, the happiness and money thing can be a challenge sometimes. I went through the same thing when we moved, and I'm trying to work on simplicity and happiness with the things we already have!


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