Jun 30, 2014

Mom to Mom // 05

Amy Lee is a wonderful momma. She has a free spirit, a great eye for beautiful pictures, and an adorable little girl who just melts my heart. Today she will be talking about dreams, and I am over the moon to share her post with you. 

Thanks miss Amy!

Ahh, dreams. There is so much to be said about them. Growing up I had all these dreams of what I would become, but as I got older I bounced around from one to the other never feeling quite like I was going the right direction. I enrolled in college twice and spent a total of two whole semesters trying to figure out what my dreams were. From the time I became an adult I knew I wanted to be a mother, but it never seemed like the type of dream everyone else had. 

Once CJ and I settled down and becoming a mother became a reality, everything about that changed. From the day we decided to start a family, everything felt much like a dream. I loved every moment of pregnancy and have loved every moment of being a mother even more than I could have imagined. For some people, the transition to motherhood can be difficult and those people probably curse me! It was always so easy to me because I had dreamed about it for so very long.

Having a child really opened my eyes to how much beauty there is in absolutely everything. From the moment my daughter was born I have spent so much time documenting all of the fleeting moments and bits and pieces of my tiny growing human. I fell in love with photography. I have always been drawn to the camera but I really fell head first the day she was born. I spent my days trying to freeze these tiny moments in time that move so fast. The things you think you'll never forget, quickly change and become distant memories. I'll treasure those moments I captured forever. I feel like now I can see the beauty in everyone's lives and in everything we see and I have this burning inside me to capture it all. In the beginning, it was just something I loved to do, but a couple months ago I decided that this is what I want to do with my life. I hope to make a name for myself, and share these captured moments for others, but more than anything I want to be someone who inspires her children. My daughter will never see how many of my dreams are fulfilled being her mother until she has children of her own. I want her to watch me do something I love, fearlessly and whole heartedly. This is my dream. Being a mother is still my dream, but I am lucky enough to have two.

As a mother my life is busy. Taking on a new hobby, a new dream, and ultimately a new career path seems almost overzealous. Maybe it is, but I know I have to do it. There is an unspoken thing that happens when you bring a child into the world. Their dreams become your dreams. You live, breathe and exist for them. There is no reason you cannot fulfill your own at the same time though. There's a lot to be said for fulfilling yourself first, loving yourself first. I think we tend to forget how to do that.
If we lead our children by example, what kind of example does that show them?

Love your children but live your dreams.

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