May 14, 2014

Living with the in-laws // 01

With just the title alone, I know a few readers are already cringing. What twenty-something would want to live with their parents, or in-laws for that matter?

It isn't bad at all! I don't know if it is because we are only here for a week and a half, or because I am just that lucky, which it's probably the ladder, because my in-laws are seriously amazing. We ended up "crashing" at their house due to unforeseen circumstance. Our move out date from our old place was the 23rd of this month, and the Mister's start date with his new job is the first week of June. So, it already seemed we would be at his parents for a little. Craziness ensued, and a little turned into almost two weeks, when the company relocating us only had moving slots open for the 12th of May, or the second of week of June. Obviously, we had to move before he started, so the 12th it was. So here we are. Living with my in-laws.

I haven't lived with my parents in years, and never had a roommate. The only person I have lived with since graduating high school has been the Mister, so the idea of living with a bunch of other people made me a little nervous. I guess I would fit under the loner category. I don't mind going places alone. Eating out flying solo is sweet, and the idea of having someone around me constantly ( other then my baby and husband, obviously ) make me a little uneasy. I'm weird like that, but there is kinda something magical about DC getting a little extra time with his grandparents before we move across the country, and something even more special about the Mister getting to spend some quality time with his brother who just got back from his church mission, and his other brother who will be leaving just a bit after we bounce off.

Life always has a crazy way of turning your plans upside-down and upright, but hey I'm always down for a little adventure! Plus, His plans are always way better than mine.


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  1. Dan and i have done this three separate times in our seven year marriage with different moves. It wasn't too bad! But I'm hoping not to have to do it again! Plus, once you're back on your own its SO nice!


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