Apr 18, 2014


The truth is, I can't believe how fast our little boy is growing up.
The truth is, I am actually really happy with my body. Nine months later, and I am finally feeling like my old self. #hellyeah
The truth is, I haven't had a soda in two weeks, and it was sucky at first, but now I don't want anything but water.
The truth is, all I have had to drink in two weeks is water & two bobas!
The truth is, we are finally looking at places in Michigan, and I am getting super excited.
The truth is, I am a little anxious about our big move.
The truth is, life is going to be a lot easier in two months.
The truth is, I want DC to crawl already! No more army crawl, son! (no matter how much tummy he gets, or if I hold him up, he just doesn't want to be that mobile I guess.)
The truth is, I love the way he holds Juan (his teddy) at his side all day long, and cuddles him close for naps. They are the best of buds, and it melts me. 
The truth is, I think my son is the most dapper boy in the whole land. 
The truth is, my son is actually eating real food after four months of trying!
The truth is, I don't care if you don't like my truths because I'm just keepin' it real #yolo.


  1. Your little family is so darling!! I'm so with you on the babes growing up too fast. He turned one and I maybe cried almost every day for month 11??? I'm crazy. Motherhood does weird things. And sometimes I wonder how he lives on just milk and Cheerios. The eating thing ... Ha!! And you look fab. Way to be a hot momma!!!

    1. @ Danielle,

      Thank you so much! You are the sweetest! I am so glad you understand what we are going through over here! I just adore you!

      xo & big huge hugs


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