Apr 21, 2014

DC's first Easter

This Easter was a little bittersweet. The sweet part was that it was our first Easter with our little, & the bitter end was that it will be the last one where we live close to family. Moving to Michigan has caused a lot of emotions to bubble to the surface, & although many of them are good, some are nervous & sad. 

I'm not from Utah, so it isn't exactly "home," but the Mister's family lives here, & it has been so awesome to have DC grow up with them so close. Jersey is where I grew up, just outside of Manhattan, so Michigan, or the Midwest, is certainly going to be an adjustment, but I am pretty stoked for the adventure with my Mister & babe.

DC loved his Easter gifts, & as the lone grandchild on both sides, he is the definition of spoiled. At the first go around he was so freaked out by his bunny basket, but as you can see from the second try, he was a little less on edge about the buck-toothed monster. Those bunnies are like the scary clowns at parties. Certainly not the cutest of things.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones! Big huge hugs to you all!

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