Mar 5, 2014

We went on a date.
Today something amazing happened. The Mister & I went on a date. Our second date since the baby was born, & man did we need it. Funny thing about dates with your husband, you don't realize you need one, until you actually take the time to do it, and you realize "wow, I really missed our alone time." I feel selfish for saying that. Like it isn't fair to our little man if I say something about us not being with him, but I guess I am just as much a wife, as I am a mother, & my husband needs me just as much as our son needs me. Vice versa. 

It was nice to kinda rekindle our fire, whatever that means. Nice to get dressed up, in something that doesn't have easy access to my baby feeders (if you know what I'm saying). Nice to hold my Mister's hand because neither of us was holding a baby or pushing a stroller. Nice to go to a restaurant & eat at the same time, instead of trading off our little bean. I'm not saying that we don't love having our little sidekick, but I am saying it was nice to be just us. Just me & my main man. My husband is hands down my best friend, & that is the very nicest of it all!
|| Outfit Pictures by Lindsay Dee Photography ||

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