Mar 7, 2014

Those two front teeth.

Those two front teeth are all I see.
Those two front teeth smile back at me.
You laugh and giggle, then crawl and flip.
Sweet little angel, you're Mommy's sidekick.
While you sleep, you cross your legs.
Lay on your side, and clasp your hands.
Do you dream of distant lands?
Or clapping loudly our pots and pans?
There is a light in your eyes.
It twinkles, glimmers, and shines.
Son, Mommy loves you more than life. 
Now, let's close those eyes and say goodnight.

|| Pictures by Lindsay Dee Photography ||

1 comment:

  1. so casual and chic, love your style and blog! where are those sandals from? are they as comfortable as they are stylish? love from Canada :)


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