Feb 14, 2014


Valentines Day 
Today, is the very first Valentines Day with my little man DC + my husband. What a treat. I just want to say that after having a little boy, I could't imagine my life with a little girl. He is my best little friend, the cutest little man, and just attached to me by the hip. I don't mind. He is amazing.

Truth is, I was really sick last night, and there was no one home but me, so I had to take care of DC, with a terrible migraine (it was so bad it made me want to hurl).

Truth is, my son was sleeping through the night, until we went to Jersey, and now his sleep patterns are a wreck.

The truth is, my little bud is going through a growth spurt (which causes him to hurt) so I end up holding him for a majority of the day, and I am forced to realize my little man is quite literally, before my very eyes, growing up.

The truth is, I probably haven't seen my husband for more then an hour a day in three weeks.

The truth is, life is hard, and these last three months until May, are going to be the toughest.

Not to worry, Mrs. Measom, the light at the end of this crazy tunnel is bright.


  1. Hoping it gets easier soon momma! I'm expecting my little man (my first!) in May! It's good luck ;)

    1. @ Alyssa,

      Are you so excited? That's a huge deal! It will be the best thing you ever do!

      Hopefully it gets easier! A momma can only pray!

      Congrats again momma to be!


  2. Is DC still sleeping with you guys? How did you manage to get him to sleep through the night…? I hope you're feeling better. And yes there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel. I always ask God to give me patience and love when I'm tired and trying to settle my little guy.

    1. @ Mary Maier,

      He sleeps with us on & off. He is honestly indifferent to where he sleeps. I am so exhausted haha. You gave me some pretty amazing advice in that last sentence, and I most certainly needed to hear that! You're amazing!


  3. Traveling always threw our little man off his sleeping schedule, too, but it gets better as he gets older! Or, at least it did for us... And we're always on the move, it seems! Also, I know what it's like to be missing your man even though he's so close to home! Stephen will work 30 hour shifts a five minute bike ride away from our house...! It is so tiring doing it all alone - will be praying for you! What is your Mr. doing, if I might ask, that keeps him so busy?


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