Aug 19, 2015

A toast to it all. **an old post coming back from the dead?**

* Happy wife, happy life. Happy babe, jumping for joy little momma. *

|| A Toast to being a Wife || Thank you, love and patience. Bravo,  to forgiveness & forgetting. Cheers, passion and romance. Xo, dear love notes & texts. I salute you, surprises & back rubs. Kudos, my Mister for loving me so completely even when I am the most difficult, for caring how I feel and what I want, & for always trying to make me the very best lady you know I can be. 

|| A Toast to Motherhood || Here is to blowouts & poopie diapers. Hip-hip-hooray, to cuddles & naps. Xo's, to breastfeeding, babywearing, & co-sleeping! Love, to baby wraps & baby backpacks. Thank you, sweet Lord for my son. He is everything I have ever wanted, even with all the work, & the occasional test it proves to be, parenthood suits me because I was made to be his momma. 

There are moments where I remember being a single girl (it literally seems like just a blink of an eye ago). Thinking back to when the world revolved around me (not exactly, but I mean when I got to go out when I wanted, shower for daysss, and sleeping when I wanted). Oh, how things have changed. Now, my days are spent making sure my babe is fed, burped, bathed, talked to, taught things, and sooo much more. 

Selflessness isn't just a word anymore people, it's my life. Oh, and what a life it is. Making me better, teaching me patience, trying me to the max, and offering so many more wonderful moments of laughter and smiles, those kind of unforgettable moments you alway wish you had a camera for. From his eyes to his toes, I study him harder then I did any class or book. Making sure there isn't a new scratch or bump. Observing the daily changes in his growth. I want to remember every inch of him inside and out. Never allowing myself to ever forget his perfect innocence, heart melting smile, or even that little coo that would stop the whole world, it seems, right in its tracks. 

So here is to the best two things that have ever happened to me, my son (oh, my son), & my man (oh, that dreamboat of a man).

Also, can we talk about how we got our Halloween outfits. . . they are beyond random, but quite suiting I would say. Get excited people. Get . . . excited ! 



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