Aug 26, 2013

I could have been a neurosurgeon.

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I try & scrounge up time when I can to take care of myself. Funny, because life pre-DC, I never really stopped to think about "doing things for me", I just did them, but now I almost have to schedule them. It's all about his schedule, and what works for him.

I think, after a month of being a momma, I am starting to see why women say "you don't know what being a mother is like, or what sacrifices you'll have to make, until you are one yourself." The funny thing is, I don't see it as a sacrifice. Sure having thirty minutes to enjoy a hot shower is nice, but it's not a necessity. Yeah being able to run an errand "real fast" is convenient, but why should I always be in a hurry anyway? Being a mother isn't a sacrifice for me, it is a blessing, & sometimes in the chaos of a day, in the hurry hurry, busy busy, it's nice to look down at my son, & see that I'm not here for anything else, if not for him. It has really forced me, & things in my life, into perspective.

The other day, I wanted to shower (something single people do, no big deal), and it was a big deal for me, seeing how if I have time to shower nowadays it's been a successful day. Anyways, my husband had to "leave as soon as [I was] done," & that meant, "hurry it up, & get out", it hit me that my life has really changed. Something as simple as a shower has changed forever. Who knows when I will actually be able to take my time shaving, shampooing, & lathering? 

In so many ways, including the one I just talked about, being a mother has really helped better me. I am way more patient, & more focused on not being "distracted" by silly things, & getting a lot more accomplished. If I was this focused in college, I would have been a world renown neurosurgeon, easy!

Thank you son, for making me better. Thank you for being mine, & thank you for letting me be yours.

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