Jul 15, 2013

For Moms & Baby

For Moms & Baby

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1. Puj Tub- This little tub is the perfect fit for any sink, & keeps mommas off their bended knees and aching backs. No more bending over to reach into the floor of you bathtub. Simply insert this nifty thing into your sink, and give your little pea a bath. It also made baths seem a little safer, and more enjoyable as the baby is almost swaddled and hugged by the soft tub.

2. Maxi Cosi Car Seat - This was a gift from Baby's godmother to us, and it is luckily compatible with our Stokke stroller.
Simple and lighter than most carseats it was a no brainer necessity.

3. Aden + Anais- Swaddle wrapped babies are happy little ones, and aden +anais seem to have the perfect blankets that wrap into the nicest of bundles. With the softest fabric I have found in swaddle blankets as of current, and quite a variety to pick from, I have already proven to be a sucker for their products. 

4. Medela Breast Pump- If you are planning on breast feeding, like I plan too, I have gotten some advice from a few mothers that having a breast pump is almost, if not, a mandate. When your milk finally comes in, you have such a surplus, that the pump allows you to build up a storage and supply. Also, they say that it helps to ensure a quick feed for baby, and makes going out in public a little less of a chore, while feeding your little pea the very best they can have. This pump is said to be the quietest and fastest. On every site I have check, it is also the highest ratings. So, we gave in and splurged on this one, although I will have you know I stood in the isle at Target for 45 minutes before I finally convinced myself to put it into our cart. The Mister and I even read over all the other pumps reviews, literally in the store, before we looked at each other with the "ugh, alright it is the best choice" look. 

5. Burts Bees for Baby- As many of you know, I did a lot of research on products to use for Baby, and their skin.
Burt's Bees does have a wide selection of products that are dye and scent free, and sensitive to baby's extra sensitive skin.

6. Pamper Swaddlers- These diapers have a handy little blue line that shows up when babies are wet, and are ready for the next change, they also help in preventing most "blowouts".

7. Avent Bottles- These bottles, in my experience, are the best at controlling colics, while also not spilling everywhere.
I don't want to have to worry about my "liquid gold", also know as breast milk, spilling all over my diaper bag, while I am out, and not having a bottle for Baby, while in its stead, having a mess to clean up. 

8. Petunia Pickle Bottom- This one is my favorite. First of all, every mom I spoke to about diaper bags, almost automatically said "oh, for sure my Petunia Pickle Bottom is so worth it!" From the pullout changing table, to the wipe down interior // exterior, this bag has nothing but rave reviews.

Good Luck!

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