May 20, 2013

When did Baby get So Big?

We have a "baby countdown" on a chalkboard in our bedroom.
I use to feel like Baby would never come.
I had no bump, no movement, and no idea what carrying a baby would really entail.
Now, I know exactly what it is like to feel the love of your whole life, moving around, squirming just as much as Mommy does, to get comfortable.
I know what Baby's kicks are like, and how strong they have gotten overtime. 
I know what it is like to be proud of Baby, for getting so strong and so big.
I can even see how much bigger Baby is getting, thanks to my ever stretching tum.
It is really a sweet experience. 
One, I have waited my entire life to experience.
One, worth the wait.
We have less then 10 weeks left now.
#30weeks !
The questions start to rise
What will Baby look like?
Will Baby smell like a slice of heaven?
I just want to hold my beauty

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