May 29, 2013


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At #31weekspregnant, let's get real, everyday is a top knot, Converse, denim on denim kinda day. My options are limited, my body is blump, and the physical changes are constant. That being said, for obvious reasons my fashion sense has been slacking, lacking, and dying. 

My anxiety to meet Baby is at an all time high, especially after my dearest of friends, Lindsay, birthed her little handsome prince, Wesley. 

The Mister and I have decided that we wanted to DIY some of Baby's onesies, and so from one craft store to another we bounced. In search of the right materials, we lucked out, and found some amazing deals. Whether the one-pieces will turn out how we envision, is another post entirely, but for now, we are excited to make something our little bear can wear. 

So excited to be a momma! Oh, and to just love on Baby's Buda belly! Ah! Nine more weeks!

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