May 18, 2013

Momma's Hospital Bag

Momma's Hospital Bag
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nursing bra // toiletries bag // breast cream // slip-ons // shirt // hoodie // jogger // nursing pads 

What's in this bag? Well let's go through it, shall we?

First, soft and comfy pants. Remember, you're still recovering "down there."

Second, a zipup sweater for the easy access during breastfeeding.

Third, a nursing bra, cute and soft.

Fourth, nipple cream. This bad body, is suppose to help with the pain caused by breastfeeding at the initial stages. Rather be safe then chafing, right?

Fifth, a bag with all your toiletries and makeup.

Sixth, your phone, to snap shots, send "the baby is here" tests,  and play music. Gotta stay entertained during those midnight feedings!

Seventh, nursing pads. 
Eighth, pads for "down there."
Ninth, soft and comfy shoes to slip on and off. 

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