May 18, 2013

Daddy's Hospital Bag

Daddy's Hospital Bag

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Well, isn't it so easy to be a man? Ha, especially when going into labor is concerned. Here is what we packed for the down to earth Mister.

First and secondly, a pair of pants and shirt for a quick clean change. 

Third, a tooth brush. I need good smelling breath cheering me on, my nose is still way sensitive.

Fourth, a blanket to keep him warm in that ice box of a hospital, and also because all he gets is a roll a bed to sleep on. 

Lastly, his phone to take pictures? I think I will keep him entertained enough in those long hours.

He will be taking a shower of course, but I have all that stuff in my Momma's bag. Ha, so that's why girls bags are always "over packed," because we carry all the stuff everyone else will need. 

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