Jan 16, 2013

My pregnancy truth

Here I am week 12 (almost on week 13) and it still feels like no end is in sight, as far as being sick goes.

Week six, there was no denying that I was pregnant. I could hold nothing down, my stomach was constantly in disarray, and nauseousness was a lifestyle, no longer just a word. I even started keeping a record of what and when I would toss my cookies, and for weeks straight it was literally always Cuties that would revisit my sink, garbage, and toilet time and time again. You know the seedless small tangerines that are just so yummy you can't resist? Well at least, I still cannot resist! No matter how many times I throw those up, they still taste good! The smell of citrus some how soothes me. Peeling a Cutie or cutting into a grapefruit is like opening the doors to  paradise. Baby loves it some citrus, and mommy is not complaining. Although nothing, and I mean nothing,  sounds good to eat other then strawberries, pretzels, tangerines, and grapefruit. 

I get so jealous when I hear other ladies talk about how food never tasted better than when they are pregnant, and here I am becoming a fruitarian, and not at all by choice

I pee once, twice, three, and four times, every hour. Occasionally headaches ensue, and some emergency room visits are even required. Personally, all these symptoms make me feel like maybe I just have a flu. The fact, the notion, that a small child is growing within me just seems outlandish! Even after our sonograms, feel like it is at all possible. With no kicks yet, no "mommy, I'm here" flutters, it just feels so surreal! Amazingly, honestly, surreal.

Thankfully for me, I have the most doting husband. He really is my savior most days, running to get more grapefruit, strawberries, whatever it is I need the minute I run out. He leaves me cute notes, and loads of "thank you" kisses. He raises me up, literally, and emotionally. He really just knows how to love me, when I forget how to love myself because the constant barfing pulls the life out of me. I la la la la la love that man, I do, and I cannot wait to hold this baby!

12 Weeks Pregnant 

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