Jun 12, 2012

WTF Tuesday-Mister's

I've never been a style guy, but the misses has me converted. There is

actually some appeal in clothing that isn't a t-shirt and nikes. Not

to say I'm ditching my roots because a nice pair of jeans with a clean
pair of kicks is always in style and comfortable. But dressing nice
does have some very good benefits. I of course do not take too much
credit for the change, as it was and should be credited to kbug, who
is, quite obviously, a style innovator. She has mastered the art of
looking incredible while not spending the green that would in fact buy
you a small house in the Swiss Alps. I discovered that she'd rubbed
off on me when suddenly I found myself comparing suits in GQ (none of
that runway nonsense, I'm talking like the Derrick Rose, Lupe Fiasco
stuff). What'ya do? Smile.

Love you baby hope you're having a great day!

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