Jun 8, 2012

TGIF Mister Friday

Hola Juan.
Hola Esteban.
Donde esta la biblioteca?
Copias dobles?

Oh spanish, how you entertain us. Which makes the fact that the misses
speaks the idioma bonita that much better. Sure it brings great
physical qualities like forever-tan, but it's the language that really
does it. That conversation in a public place is all the more hilarious
when no one else understands what you're saying. And there's a special
bond when you can talk to someone in two languages. Options out the wu
tang clan. The only downside is when she accuses my accent of being,
how would you describe it, gringoish? Totally uncalled for but it's
okay porque hay perdon.

A todos, se cuidan
Senor (Mister)

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