May 18, 2012

The Mister Speaks out

The injustice in blogging (as if I know anything about blogging) is that you, the people, don't get another side of the story. I have thus made it my job (not really, the misses is just so convincing) to give you the outsiders view of this beautiful thing we call (?) a blog.

I'm a little behind so this small piece is going to be a rundown where I'll do my best to give a man's view (all the while praising the misses-i mean gotta score points when ya can right?)

First of all, I do know the misses well (consider me the luckiest man alive), so combining her and cake testing (that exists? as a profession?) is sweeter than pop rocks in brown sugar. She's the pride and joy. So when we have what some might call slight (very slight) disagreements and even a feeling of division ensues, I can't think of anything but bridging the gap.

To be honest, what we have aren't really disagreements at all. It's just an insensitive man getting caught up in something so much more than himself. When you want to make someone special yours forever, it takes a lot of work (move over Rocky I, II,III, and IV-lets not talk about Rocky V). As a guy you have the tendency to "space" the um....details. I want to be help and care about tablecloths, venues and flowers, but do I? Uhhhhh......In all honesty, I just want the misses to have the time of her life, because in the end its only her I see.

So before you hate on your man, take a step back and realize it might take him some time and effort to be invested in lemon water rather than mint.

Mister of future Mrs. Measom

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