May 23, 2012


We all have things we love and and things we hate, but for me it's quite simple. I love the kbug, the word, the slopes, thai food, and a nice pair of pants. And what do I hate? Well, writing. And to think this guy was about to go into journalism two short years ago. Reeeaaaally dodged a bullet there. But here I am, learning to man up and take the high road. Or something like that. I should look at the positives. My dream girl had to get her hair styled, and it literally took 4 days....or 4 hours. I thought an hour and a half at the doctor was bad. Maybe I'll avoid the summer shag just to be safe. The short stuff keeps my glass half-full.

Anyway me and the future misses have come to enjoy world of thai food (it deserved a second shout out due to the sheer bliss of mango sticky rice). We found a little place downtown, who's name escapes me, mostly because I don't want y'all getting excited and filling the place up. Ok, I really just don't know the name. But, if you ever are lucky enough to find it, more power to ya, because it is fantastic (gracias
a ti kbug).

You stay classy,
Mister of the Future Mrs. Measom

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