Nov 8, 2023

In the quiet of nap time

It's in the quiet of nap time that I feel restored and renewed. I know one day I will miss the toys sprinkled about and the handprints on the mirrors but when you're in the trenches of raising kids sometimes it's nice to have a little quiet time. 

I play classical music. I sip on my hot cocoa. I sit by the window and I write or create outfits like this one. It reminds me of who I am. 

I like to focus on the joys of motherhood because I dreamed of the moment I am living in, but that doesn't mean that it's always easy. There are moments of sadness and loneliness, fear and worry, but truth be told there is so much more good than bad. It's all about our perspective.

Love what you have. Don't chase what you don't, and remember everything in life is just a season. Don't miss a moment of it.

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