Nov 13, 2023

Christmas Gift Guide + A Round Here

I currently have a sheet pan dinner in the oven. It smells delicious. We are having roasted rosemary red potatoes and garlic herb chicken. I need all the easy, simple, and healthy meals as a mom of 3. What is your favorite weeknight meal? Please, share below in the comment section. I need all the easy weeknight meals.

SJ is so smart. DC was eating a bowl of Mama's homemade popcorn, and he set his bowl down to get some water. As soon as DC left the room, SJ sprinted over to the bowl and started chowing his popcorn. When DC caught him, SJ looked at him with a guilty smile and said, "hi." I couldn't stop laughing. Little smartie.

I cannot figure out where October went, and now we are half way through November. Goodness time is just flying by y'all. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. The rolls. The chocolate pie. Oh my!

Our Christmas decor is up, and it feels so comfy and cozy in here. Having SJ has made life feel so much more complete, and full. It is so humbling to see the world through your baby's eyes. I love seeing his excitement for simple things, like seeing our Christmas tree for the first time, or the ornaments being hung. He loves the ornaments. It is just precious, and such a good reminder of just how blessed we truly are.

Mama has go to get her Christmas shopping done before December. I like to enjoy December, and not focus on pressies. Thus, here are some of my gift guides. Hope this helps!


Mrs. Measom

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