Apr 6, 2023

Today is the day of that last supper

artwork by celeste clark

Today is the day of that last supper. 

Thursday- Jesus sit down with all his disciples and breaks bread. The bread- a symbol of his body. The wine- a symbol of his blood, that would be shed to pay the price for sin and offer forgiveness. 

At the table with him is Judas, the very man who would betray him.

They go off to the Mount Of Olives. Jesus says another disciple will deny Him 3 times. Peter says he would never do such a thing.

Jesus is now at the Garden Of Gethsemane. He prays. He asks once for the Father to remove the cup if possible. He asks a second time, and by the third time He asks instead that if the cup not be removed that the Lord would do His will. 

Jesus is arrested, betrayed by his own, and receives an unjust guilty verdict. Jesus is tortured. 

When they find Peter and ask if he knows Jesus he denies Him 3 times. Jesus is betrayed again. 

By Sunday we are all saved. He saves us all.

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