Mar 20, 2023

Weekend Round Up

I found the blender in our kids’ bathroom. Naturally, I was concerned. Why on earth would the blender be in the kids’ bathroom? Then, I remembered. The mister told me earlier in the day. He said that he wanted a protein shake, but didn’t want to wake me up. So, he brought the blender to the kids’ bathroom to make it. Isn’t he the dang best?

We finished up the laundry room renovations! Hooray! Cheers! The crowd goes wild! High fives for everyone. Go team! …That was freaking rough. My guy crushed it (as I knew he would). I’m so proud, but by golly it was a boatload of work. I’ll share more about the space, the demo, the design, and the pros / cons to doing it ourselves in another post. Let me know what about that you’d like to hear more of in the comments below.

SJ woke up Sunday morning around 5AM ready to feed. DC heard him crying and snuck quietly into our room. “Mom, Baby is crying. I know you didn’t get good sleep last night. You want me to get him and help you?” I cried. He is the absolute freaking sweetest. That boy is going to be one heck of a man and his wife will be a lucky freaking lady! Love you, son. So freaking much!

I can stare at SJ all day, y’all. He is the sweetest baby and he just lights up all of our lives.

Aida Mae will do anything to make SJ feel better. She is the only person that can just look at him and he instantly laughs! They have such a special bond. I bet he remembers her talking to him everyday when he was in the womb. She's been obsessed with him since the day she found out I was pregnant. I can't wait to see their relationship grow.

We went on bike rides and walks. There was Buffalo Wild Wings and Dad’s bbq ribs. We made real sugar vanilla Pepsis and watched Shark Tank. The kids made up their own jokes and in typical kid fashion there was lots of giggles over farts and burps. I got all the cuddles, and made homemade cinnamon rolls. It was a weekend full of simple pleasures, some Amazon boxes, and church. It’s a simple life and man am I grateful.

Cheers, sis!

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