Mar 29, 2023

This is the life I prayed for

Texas in the spring time is wild. First it's cold then it's hot. What is this a Katy Perry song? No wonder everyone has a cold. 

Hair wash days are the worst. Do you know how long it takes to do my hair? You probably do because I bet you hate hair wash days too. 

I could really go for a Swig right about now.

Nothing beats hearing the mister make SJ laugh. It's the freaking sweetest. 

I want to workout and get into shape, but goodness by the times 7PM rolls around, I am just wiped. 

SJ has some big toots. When he passes gas we all burst into laughter.

Easter is coming! I need to make Easter baskets for 3 kids.

I love my homemade pizza and cheese bread, but nothing beats a good ol' slice of Jersey pizza. I miss home!

We need to do a summer beach trip. My kids are like mermaids. They love the water. Nothing beats having sand in your toes, watching your kids with their dad in the ocean, and having a baby on your hip. 

This is the life I prayed for.

Cheers, sis!

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