Dec 1, 2022

Beauty Fades & Gratitude Grows

While watching Love Is Blind, as one does after the babies go to bed, I heard a cast member say something memorable. He said, "I won't look like this when I'm 80. I want someone that I have a deep connection with because that's what will matter..." or something to that effect. It struck me. 

This isn't something you think a lot about in your teens or early 20s because at that point you're truly just living day by day. You're young, dumb, and free (those were the days..). Your bank account is low (or empty) and the world revolves around you. Those things are important for self growth and learning, but eventually as you age life changes. 

Suddenly you're collecting wrinkles, greys, stretch marks, and maybe a few pounds. Your heart is full and you realize a few things. A report by Gallup from 2014 found that younger participants of a survey on body image weren't happy with their bodies, and that 75% of Americans over the age of 65 felt great about how they looked. 

With every year we age we are given the opportunity to learn more about the things that truly matter. Maybe we selflessly gave our bodies to make a human. We may never look the same again, but we have something valuable beyond belief. We have our children and we've found our purpose.

Every year we are humbled. We're given the opportunity to see past the distractions of the world and set our eyes and hearts on what truly matters. 

I like to think that as we age we will learn to be grateful for our bodies and the life we live. We will be more focused on purpose and less focused on chasing perfection. Let this give us hope that joy can be found when beauty fades and gratitude grows.

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