Aug 23, 2022

Casual For Fall


I burned my duvet cover with the iron. Whoops. I was not pleased, but it was a good reminder that I should never (especially in this season of life) splurge on things like sheets or duvets.

My belly is now officially at capacity. Everything hurts, but it is worth it. I cannot wait to meet you baby.

I put dinner in the slow cooker today. I sure do love those meals! I am a sucker for a good set it and forget it recipe.

When we got home (hours after adding all my ingredients into the slow cooker) the kids opened the door, and said, “did you buy tacos or something?!” Nope, but that’s what’s for dinner! Bless you, slow cooker! Bless you!

I have been cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning some more. The nesting is real, ladies. I’ve also been looking at recipes for freezer meals. I know that once baby is here, life will be a blur. So, I’m prepping the best I can.

Fingers crossed, I will be posting some of our favorite freezer and slow cooker meals soon.

I love fall! You just can’t beat the coziness it brings. Is it the sweaters? Is it the candles? Could it be the food? Maybe it’s more of a hodgepodge of all those things. Whatever it is, it sure gets me giddy!

Ah, how grateful I am. Imagine all the cute little newborn fall onesies! What a life.

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