Jul 27, 2022

Home Decor On A Budget

Once upon a time, I loved DIY'ing furniture I found at a thrift store. Then, I realized I didn't have the patience it took to sand, paint, let dry, sand, paint, let dry, and repeat until the piece of furniture I had purchased was like new again.

If I couldn't enjoy DIY'ing things anymore, then how would I make our house look like something off Pinterest without going over budget?

I always want our home to look lovely and homey, but I do have two kids and another on the way. I never want to own anything that my kids would break or ruin and I be out $$$. Like Mama always said, "There's no use crying over spilled milk." So to avoid said crying, I turned to Walmart.

When we were buying barstools for our kitchen and I found these from Walmart, I got the fancy look without breaking the bank. It was a win. Naturally I started browsing all their other home decor items (linked some of my favorites below).

Walmart's home decor game is crushing it. They even have a Gap Home line. I am obsessed. It's the perfect blend between timeless and modern.

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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