Oct 2, 2021

FREE hot coco on rainy days

today it was rainy. so we hit up the bookstore and in-n-out. 

did you know in-n-out gives kids FREE hot coco on rainy days? they even put marshmallows in it #winning.

we got the kids books this time, and we left sans legos. as it should be! though, dc did try his hardest to get a lego. he is obsessed.

the fall decor is all out, and the kids are loving it! they get excited seeing everything so festive, and that is exactly why i do what i do, because they love it. so i love it.

i just placed an order with walmart plus grocery delivery (this isn't sponsored). i just love that groceries get dropped off at my doorstep. i don't remember the last time i went into a walmart #winningagain! 

i could really go for a sweet treat right about now. the more unhealthy the better. 

i also want a back rub...with no strings attached.

gotta go make a treat #cravings!

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