Aug 20, 2021

Truthful Friday and Kitchen Reveal

the truth is, i feel like there is a baby missing from our family. 

the truth is, i love being a mom even when it's really hard, and i know that they are my priority. above ANYTHING else.

the truth is, sometimes my faith is shaken because i become filled with fear (which is from the adversary and NOT from God) even though i KNOW He is in control.

the truth is, i legit jam out to an upbeat christian spotify playlist like i use to jam to pop and rap. oh how far i've come. #saved.

the truth is, decorating your home never ends. home goods gets me everytime. 

the truth is, i am trying sooooo hard not to buy anything fall or halloween until at least september. but then, i asked the barista when they were getting pumpkin spice stuff and he said august 24th. i think that's when i will finally give in. i want the candles! the sweaters! the wreaths! i can't wait! i love fall.

what is your truth today? share in the comments below <3.

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