Aug 31, 2021

Living Room Reveal

I like to change things up around our house for different holidays and different seasons. It keeps things fresh around here and I love that! 

My objective with this space was to make a formal living room. I looked high and low for all the pieces you see here.

One thing that I did differently in this home was picking one room and planning it out. I would create a room vision board for the space, placing all the items I wanted on the board to see if they looked good together first before purchasing anything. It really helped the space come together beautifully. 

I wasn't wondering the isles of Target or HomeGoods (per usual) hoping that things would work out and come together when I got home. No more random stuff. It was all planned, and came in under budget because I wasn't buying random things the space didn't need.

We have a causal living room attached to the playroom. This room was more for the adults. I brought in some timeless piece like the coffee table and media console, and then added some modern elements with the chairs and sofa. 

I love the leather because you can wipe it clean, and in my personal opinion it looks better the more worn in it gets.

Now, I understand why my mother never let us in her "fancy living room." It was her precious space filled with her precious things. Momma said they'd be days like this...

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