Nov 12, 2020

Yesterday Around Here

I forgot to thaw some meat for dinner tonight. DC asked what we were having. I said, "I have no idea..." To which he immediately responded, "Guess we are ordering pizza then!"

He knows we well.  Sadly for us, I'm budgeting for Christmas so pasta for everyone! Gross.

Our fireplace mantel is so hard for me to decorate. I cannot figure it out for the life of me!

Somedays I love soda, and some days I hate it. Today, I was craving one with some fresh lime...and I had no Coke! Walmart+ you clutch little dog. 

Free delivery is the bestttt.

The kids are watching Duck Dynasty. Prime television.

I'm glad Claire is off the Bachelorette and getting ready to marry Dale somewhere. I am even more excited to watch what happens with Taysha. 

Reality Steve knows all the juicy deets, and what I want to know is how he knows so much!

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