Nov 3, 2020

round here

listening to my parents talk to my kids is priceless.

i hate that we are so far from them, but aida requests a facetimes daily. their laugh fills our home, and melts my heart. i love you mom and dad!

doing my hair is the worst. it is so time consuming, and lately i never like how it turns out. #firstworldproblems

coke with lime is the best midday pick me up. soooo good.

i decorated our fireplace for christmas yesterday. i've never had a fireplace to decorate for the holidays. it's really throwing me for a loop because i don't know what my style is. i love the fun colorful stuff, but i also love the clean and classic decor. decisions, decisions. i do a lot of standing back and staring / rearranging.

aida just hustled my dad into talking to her more. he couldn't resist. she always wins.

last night there was some romance at our house. the fireplace was going. i was braless. we had buffalo dip. watched friends, anddd we passed out. 

we are old people now guys. it's official. there was no hanky panky...whoopsie.

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