Aug 3, 2020

round here

saturdays are for staying in your pajamas way too long, facetiming with your mom for longer than most people think socially acceptable, ironing without a bra on, and looking at mountains of clean laundry like they're villains. 

it's been a good week. a week of legos, presents, balloon arches, chocolate ice cream cake for breakfast, and candles. 

i don't know where the time went, or how dc has grown up into such a well-rounded little man. 

i would do anything to protect him. 

i love his laugh and his precious smile. i look back on his baby-hood with such fondness. 

he kept me company when his daddy had long days at school. oh how he filled me then and now with more joy than words can ever do justice.

i am so proud of who he is and of who he chooses to be. 

he is a real light in this world.

i love you son. thank you for making me a mom, and for being such a wonderful example of love, kindness, and patience. love you. 

i am back to bloggin it would seem, and so are my famous run-ons. welcome, welcome. 

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