Jul 29, 2020

the simpler things in life

it was rainy today. we have a hurricane passing in texas, and after weeks (or what feels like months) of sunshine, today felt cozy and slow. 

with the sun hidden it felt cool. we hopped in the car and drove to get a treat. we listened to music, and chatted about winters in michigan. these tiny people of mine are always talking about the snow.

i know the kids miss michigan, and so do i. we miss our friends and the roots we planted there. we love texas, of course, and we are grateful to be here, but today, with the rain, we remembered michigan and our old home.

on the plus side, from all the walking we've been doing momma's stems are getting toned! pulling aida mae in the wagon up a hill is not for the faint of heart. getting my saggy bum into shape, i am!

funny how life takes you on a ride. changing things up, but still there is happiness wherever we are planted. we will always have each other, and that is what makes our house a home. 

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