Jan 9, 2020

round here

dc hid when his sister heard him playing in the basement after she was put to bed. "how come he gets to stay up late? i heard him playing down here, mom!" coming out of his spot once she was gone, he whispered, "i'm like a thief, and she's the police. she's trying to throw me into jail." it still cracks me up thinking about it.

aida coming out of her room after bedtime to "give me a kiss!" then, immediately after, walking past her bowl of buttered pasta left over from dinner, and sneaking a single piece into her mouth all in one sneaky move. i wonder what she will be when she grows up. an fbi agent? that girl is slick.

does anyone else feel like instagram knows their innermost thoughts? on my explore page there is currently motivation quotes, financial planning memes, and meghan markle outfit pics.

the other day i found that there seems to be an entire section of books at the book store dedicated to helping you believe in yourself.

it was mind blowing to me, but also 100% understandable.

we live in a time where you can be and do anything, but believing in yourself is a commodity.

why is that? why do we need a book, written by a stranger, to give us the ability to love ourselves and go after our goals?

i'm going to guess it's because we all have a little voice in our head that tells us we aren't good enough.

well, i'm a stranger. you don't know me. and this is free. you can do anything. don't let that voice keep you from reaching for the stars. you have worth. you have skills. you can do great things. you are great. i believe in you.

now, if only i could take my own advice.

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