Jan 6, 2020

round here

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chucky cheese is still a fun place. sure it's dirty, and crawling with all kinds of germs, but there's something about getting a long strand of tickets! just ask my son. it was his first time realizing the thrill of beating the high score and watching the tickets just shoot out. he was hooked...i guess in a way chucky cheese is like a casino with rides...

i was super proud when we counted the tickets and he decided to "save" them. his exact words were, "i want to save lots of them! that way i can get a bigger prize!"

i love the way my daughter puts her head on my face so i will give her kisses mid-movie cuddle.

i laugh when my husband comes in for a morning kiss saying, "i brushed my teeth this morning. i get a kiss on the lippers."

funny how we can't turn off baby talk once we become parents.

it's a simple life, but it's a freaking great one.

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