Dec 12, 2019

Kindness in unexpected places

Every time we go to the post office, we find the sweetest ladies working there. Their kindness has the power to make my day. Sometimes they're the only adults I interact with in the dead of winter while my man is at work...well them and Mary at Starbucks!

The post office workers are always so kind to my kids. There is one woman in particular that has gone out of her way to connect with my kids on a personal level. She knows their names, and always wants to see how they are doing. She even stocks up on treats so that when kids come through she has something special for them. She raised 8 kids, and I will never be able to put into words how much her kindness means to me. 

On one visit during a very hard day, she saw me, and she asked, "Are you okay?" Tears rose to my eyes. It was a day full of trials, but I didn't dare speak them into words. She looked at me, this time as deeply in my eyes as she could from across the counter and said, "Some days are like this, but you'll be alright!"

When we got there today, she offered candy canes from her own personal stash. Looking at me, and saying "You know that one (pointing to Aida) has a special place in my heart. They are such good kids." 

When we got to the car, DC was bucking up his seatbelt when he said, "Mom, we should give them a Christmas treat for all their hard work. Plus, they're always so kind." My heart exploded. 

I had been feeling as though my kids were asking more than they were giving, and when he said that, all was right with the world. He showed me he understood the true meaning of Christmas. It was more than what Santa or his parents were going to give him, it was about giving. 

That was the best gift he could give me, and was an instant "we are doing something right" moment.

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