Nov 28, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019 Thoughts

It's Thanksgiving day and we had such an amazing time. We started the morning with Starbucks (of course)...and then McDonald's. Who are we and what have we done with the Measoms? This might be a new Thanksgiving tradition. An unplanned moment of greatness. Filled with two cheeseburgers, lots of fries, chicken tenders, and Coke.

It only seemed to get better as we spent the rest of the morning with our good friends and their kids. All the kids played in the living room while the older crowd watched football and chatted.

Off to the movies next, but don't worry, we loaded up on snacks at the gas station first. Aida was double fisting ring pops, DC stuffed his Twizzlers in his jacket, Dad had I went retro (Momma Gilda style) and hid our goodies in my purse. We did have DC carry in our water. The kids aren't really fans of juice or pop, and that is something I am always super proud of. They make way better choices on beverages than their Mom! Way to go kids.

We throughly enjoyed Frozen 2. DC went as far as to say it was better than the first, and we all unanimously agree. It was. Aida's favorite part was Olaf singing, calling the queen of vocals (Elsa) pitchy. How dare he. DC liked when Sven finally spoke! Daddy liked when Olaf was reenacting the first movie, and Mommy cried when Anna sang a song about overcoming darkness (typical hahah).

The big finale was of course dinner. We were invited over to Aunt Caroline's house where dinner was delicious and the company was even better. Aida gave me the most wonderful cuddles, and I sat there with all these people we love and adore - my heart was full. I felt gratitude and love, while also feeling so deeply loved in return.

I am grateful for our family and for our friends. I am grateful for our home and for Michigan and the job that my husband has. We are blessed with plenty.

While at dinner we had a wonderful conversation about Black Friday shopping. Where Mama Dori showed us a meme about "her kind of Black Friday." Where money isn't spent, and instead she stays home and saves.

That got me thinking, in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with buying the next best thing,  what would happen if we stopped spending, and started being grateful.

No objects were incurred today (other than food), and I've never felt fuller and more blessed. I think something is to be said for that. That money doesn't really buy happiness, and things don't bring joy, but yet we chase them so obsessively.

What happens when people stop spending, start saving, and do something even more significant when they start taking stock of what they're really grateful for.

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