Nov 9, 2019

Holiday Sephora Sale

I have a friend that hardly wears makeup. We went on a trip years ago, and I noticed she had three items in her makeup bag. It shocked me, though it shouldn't have. She's the kind of girl who keeps it simple, and is stunning.

I left that trip encouraged to challenge myself. I wanted to leave behind the mentality I had created when I was in college, back when YouTube makeup stars were on the rise. The self dubbed "makeup gurus" can completely transform their face like Picasso with a beauty blender.

Since that trip, I don't wear a lot of makeup. In fact, I hardly ever do. My skin isn't perfect, and I'm not 100% comfortable with my wrinkles and hormonal breakouts. Momma doesn't have oodles of time to spend on herself...wouldn't that be nice? And, if I'm being totally transparent, I do feel more comfortable in makeup. It gives me confidence, thought I wish it didn't. I want to learn to be confidant with and without it.

When I do wear it, it's super light and minimal. I linked my go-to items. The ones you see above are the only products in my makeup bag.

I've also linked the skincare products I've found that are clean and green. They don't break me out, and they do their job. Skincare is top priority as I inch my way closer to 30.

If I could only pick a few items from the products above, I would highly recommend this night serum (which helps to resurface the skin), this mini facial cream (which helps with wrinkles, discoloration, and dry skin), this self tanner (which I use constantly), and this hair treatment (which helps with damaged hair).

I'm learning that it isn't what you use to cover your skin up, it's what you use to restore, replenish, and refresh it. The better your skin looks, the less you have to hide. Your skin is worth the investment.

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