Oct 29, 2019

a weekend for the books

halloween is coming! our costumes are all set and ready to go.

mr. incredible is a real hunk with a badonkadonk. he's got it going on like donkey kong. it's a song. don't look it up. it's a terrible one...and it's catchy so beware.

my mom showed up at our doorstep. i love having her. though, i don't love having to fight with my kids for her attention. they always win. they always do.

she also has a great costume this year. diet coke. not my personal beverage of choice. ya'll know i'm super unhealthy and go for the coke from mcdonald's with lite ice.

we have way too much candy for trick-or-treaters that will never come because it's always raining and freezing. so much for bargain candy. 5 dollars down the drain...or down mommy's belly. which i wash down with a coke. just kidding. or am i?

we attended one successful trunk-or-treat and...made plans to attend another trunk-or-treat and then bailed. #whoops

we saw a family-friendly comedian. it was a triple date and all of us could not stop laughing. i think someone behind me fart laughed. i was crop dusted ya'll. but i was too busy laughing to move. keith alberstadt. look him up, he is hilarious. please, don't watch while gassy. it is a health hazard or at least it should be.

also, triple dates with your besties are frigging fabulous!

then we went on a double date that same weekend with a different couple, and it was so fun that we dragged it on into the late hours, sipping starbucks, laughing, and exchanging airplane stories.

that same weekend...yes folks, it gets better, my husband surprised me with a trip to chicago!

it was a birthday weekend to remember. one where the love of those around me filled me up to the brim. it wasn't what we did, it was who we did it with, and the way the time with them felt so full and fun that made my heart burst with gratitude. #tistheseason

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