Sep 27, 2019

pumpkin spice and blessings

patience truly is a virtue. the more i have it with my husband and my children, the happier we all are. i'm not perfect at it (of course), but as i've paid more attention to how i respond to the people i love the most, i've notice a huge shift in the right direction.

the less stuff i have the better. less to clean. less to take care. less stress. #sellitall #lessismore

playing with my kids and hearing their amazing laughs is the absolute best.

my husband's bright blue eyes smiling at me still makes my heart skip a beat.

vinnie flying in the air to catch the ball is awing.

dc pretending to be a sportscaster while playing football on the lawn is precious.

aida telling a crying girl at the park, "take a deep breath. it will make you feel better," made my heart explode.

even during the darkest of trials, i am blessed beyond measure.

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