Jul 18, 2019

Social media- a tool used to spread love.

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In a world where everyone has a voice, it can sometimes feel like the voices of those around you play louder in your own mind than your own.

People feel like they have a voice and you have to listen... everyone wants to weigh in. They are free to share whatever they want whenever they want. That is a privilege and a gift, but it can be abused far too often.

Topics like breastfeeding and natural childbirth are trending, and before you have even birthed your perfect babe, you have people telling you what they think you should do, say, feed, or even name your baby.

Sometimes, as a mother raising children in a social media driven world, it feels like you can never be good enough. Here are the debates I've seen since having my two kiddos-

You have to have a clean house, but if you have a clean house then you're not taking care of your kids. You have to homeschool, but then if you home school you're not socializing your kids.
You have to drop the weight right after having a baby, but then if you drop the weight you're unhealthy and care too much about the way you look. Where is your self-love?!

These are just a few of the less polarizing topics too. There is so much!

We would do ourselves and others so much good if we simply supported each other. That is an amazing use of such a powerful tool. Spreading love can change the world. Imagine if everyone on social media would uplift each other.

I saw this video of a teen who switched schools because he was being bullied. He was attending a different school, and the kids in his new class noticed he was having a hard time.

His classmates bound together and chipped in to get him new shoes, some clothes, and even gifted him money.

When they gave the gift to the boy, he cried. He was so thankful. The good people in his class didn't just give him things, they gave him love. They gave him the love he was denied at his old school. I have no doubt that such a moment pulled him out of a dark place he was in. Though, he never told the class he was having a hard time, they served him.

Not everyone voices that they are having a hard time. I believe there are so many mothers who struggle. Motherhood is no joke. The feelings are tough, raw, and hard. Let us serve each other. Let us love each other. Let us do what the women before us did. Remember Women's suffrage? When women come together, they change the world. We have the power with one comment, one like, one follow to change the world ladies. Let's start!

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