May 24, 2019

Wellness Checks On Yourself

My husband (the responsible adult)  says that once a year everyone should check in with their doctor, and get a full physical. This check up will make sure everything is working how it should, and that there aren't any strange things going on.

Well, just like a routine checkup, every once and a while, I have a check in with myself. Kind of like a, "is everything okay in there + anything funky going on" with myself, my thoughts, and my feelings.

Life is hard. We have no control over so much that happens.

I highly recommend having a little wellness check with yourself. See how things are going with you.

If I've learned anything since becoming a mom it's that if we are investing in ourselves we are better able to invest in those we love most. We can't fill up someone else's tank if you're running on empty.

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