Apr 18, 2019

Budgeting while on family vacation

Summer is just around the corner, and that's usually when people start going on family trips! Yay summer...but whoa says my bank account!

It can be an expensive time for families. We are trying to keep the kids entertained, getting them in summer classes or summer camps, taking them on family vacations, or even just trying to make the day to day fun.

Something I know we spend a lot of money on is food. Groceries are expensive, and even more so when you're feeding growing kiddos. Something that we try to do is reduce the number of meals we eat out. That is a huge budget suck for us. It really ups the price on our monthly food bill, and it's something that is nice every so often, but quite frankly it's not something we should be doing frequently. My husband has taught me this...thanks for making me better babe!

So now that I have set the preface up, let's move on to saving money whilst on family vacation! We are on a little family trip for a few nights, and we made sure to get a spot that has a kitchen. This way we can cook our own meals! We will venture out for a meal or two, getting a taste of the local food culture, but not overspending where it's unnecessary.

Prior to leaving our house, I meal planned our three day-two night trip. I purposely selected family dinner options that could be made ahead of time, frozen, and put into the slow cooker. Note- if you can't find a place with a kitchen, bring yourself a slow cooker!

I prepped each dinner, put them into freezer bags, and popped them into the cooler for the drive to our little family vacay spot. Then, when we arrived to our destination, I popped them back into the freezer, and snagged the rest of the perishables I couldn't bring or pack from the cheapest grocery spot. Bam. Money saved. To my husband, you're welcome. To my kids, that's a few extra pennies for your college fund.


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