Feb 15, 2019

What's in my cart- Take 4

I got a new pair of gym leggings, which was awesome...Until I finished my workout, crossed the entire gym to get to the locker room, and found that my butt was covered in sweat. It looked like I peed myself. Cool.

I was holding the door open for a man and his four kids, when suddenly Aida decided that the man was actually holding the door for her. She bolted out the door and headed for the parking lot. Scary mom moment with a side of panic and terror... check.

We got to the grocery store with a gift card in hand. I was excited to "buy" groceries and not have to pay! Then, the register laughed at me, and said, "cough it up, lady. groceries ain't cheap."

My son made me his very first Valentine's Day present on his own, and when he gave it to me, I most certainly did cry. "Don't worry, son! These are happy tears!"

Happy weekending, yall!

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