Jan 25, 2019

Amazon Cart Reveal Take 1

I'm starting to believe that if you want to know the inner workings of someone's mind, go through their Amazon purchases. True statement.

Nowadays, everyone gets everything from Amazon. I'm not sure what it is that makes them so incredible (though for some reason I think they are). Maybe for the free shipping, or subscription savings, or even Prime Music, we are all on Amazon.

My husband is starting to feel about Amazon the way some feel about Walmart. It's getting to big and doing too much, for him to feel comfortable Amazon Priming his every whim.

I... on the other hand, have absolutely no problem with it. It's convenient, and as a mom in a world that only seems to be getting busier by the millisecond, I'll take convenient!

Here's a look at what has been in my cart for the past few weeks, and prepare yourself, because these will be coming every single Friday!

Yay... welcome to the inner workings of my mind haha... just kidding...kind of.

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