Jan 2, 2018

This is my reminder to all the mommas

I'm just a mom sitting in front of a laptop asking it to let me communicate the thoughts that are floating around in my brain. Then, my brain reminds me that for the last five years it has programmed itself to think about what my kids need. 

How can you ask a mom to think about herself or her feelings without them turning into a..."are they hungry," or a "do they know I love them so dang much"? With a preschooler, I'm constantly thinking about preparing him as best I can to soar and excel in school, and that's a whole other can of worms.

Sometimes I get a minute. I start to think about what it is that I need, only to have a baby throw themselves on me for a cuddle, and we meet again. I mean, who can resist a sweet baby cuddle after all? They don't last forever, and I want to collect as many of those as I can! 

There is this constant "momma's needs" vs. the needs of her children.

It's such a beautiful thing to become so lost in motherhood that we also become the most selfless version of ourselves, but losing ourselves in the lives of others can also be a dangerous line. 

This is my reminder to all the mommas reading this to take a moment for yourself. To reflect on what it is that you personally love and need, and to give yourself permission to take care of yourself

Happy mom, happy dad, and happy kids. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for the comment Marley. Hope you're having a blessed day, and staying warm.


  2. This is literally the thought I have been having for the past....month? And finally now taking the initiative to so something for myself.

  3. Mckenzie,

    That's amazing that you're taking the initiative! Go momma!

    You can be my reminder buddy because with this flu floating around, this momma has all but forgotten herself! #palmtoface

    Thank you for the comment, and the reminder I needed!



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