Jul 24, 2017

Me Time in a Sea of No Time

there comes a point in all of our lives, where we are forced to ask ourselves difficult questions. that time came for me a few months ago. there's a lot going on in my personal life. things that i have no control over, and some that i do, but both things were causing this constant gray cloud to follow me around.

i attempted to resolve the issues (the ones that were resolvable), and confront the ones that weren't, with love, honesty, and optimism, but ultimately i was left with that gray cloud on my tail. 

i opened up to a friend about some of the things going on, and she shared about a situation in her life that was ongoing. it was causing her to "be in this funk." she said she had been in it for a few months, and that she felt she couldn't climb out. i listened intently, and soon i realized she was explaining exactly what i was feeling.

we weren't going through similar situations or trials, but somehow our feelings intersected. we found ourselves in a pit, both trying to climb out.

before too long, more and more people were sharing similar feelings with me. one morning, before the sun had fully risen, and while the summer's heat had yet to creep in, i was holding a warm cup thinking, "maybe if we all highlighted the good things in our lives instead of trying to fix or control all the issues, we could remedy ourselves from the "funk" our trials had dragged us into."

life is always a series of choices. yes, we can't often choose the hand we are dealt, but we do have the opportunity to choose how we respond. 

i started listening to a podcast i love, taking walks with the dogs more frequently by myself, focusing and listening with no distractions to my kids, and learning to say yes more than i have in years. more yes's to a happier mom, wife, and friend.

yes to be a wife because having a life partner is magical. yes to having kids because baby cuddles are the closest thing to heaven. and yes to all their needs because i love them so much, i don't have time to say yes to me. make time. wake up early and enjoy a cup of silence. go to bed late because i said yes to watching a show or reading a book. make time. 

say yes to you, and make good choices. that's the remedy to said funk. 

it might take time, and most things do, but eventually we'll climb out. we always do.

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  1. Read this while getting ready for work this morning + thought about it again on my way home. I love these posts - how you give us a peek into your life and remind us that - while we droooool over photos of your gorgeous family + home - what really draws us in is our connection to your wonderful spirit. Thanks for being open and inspiring us (me) to do the same.


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